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HALO ROPS Selected for Engie's Project, Expanding Safety Reach into Merida

HALO ROPS, the leading provider of rollover protection systems, announces its involvement in Engie's Cuxtal project in Merida, Mexico. Engie's selection of HALO ROPS for this project underscores our commitment to safety and protection across new regions.

The Cuxtal project marks an exciting opportunity for HALO ROPS to extend its reach along Mexico's gulf coast, providing essential safety measures for workers. With pride, we join forces with Engie to ensure the well-being of all individuals involved in this significant endeavor.

Commencing on April 17th, the HALO ROPS team will embark on fitting a fleet of 16 vehicles for Engie, kickstarting a comprehensive safety initiative. As the project progresses, numerous other companies participating will recognize the necessity of HALO ROPS in meeting safety standards and safeguarding workers.

Recognizing the importance of accessibility, HALO ROPS is actively establishing partnerships with local dealerships and shops. These collaborations aim to streamline the process of acquiring and fitting our life-saving equipment, ensuring fast and efficient deployment for all involved.

Throughout the summer, the HALO ROPS team will travel to the Merida area, providing ongoing support and service to our valued partners. We encourage any company involved in the project to reach out and prioritize the safety of their workforce by equipping their vehicles with HALO ROPS.

To ensure the protection of your workers, contact us today. Together, let's make safety the cornerstone of every journey. Quotes and inquiries at: or +52 811-050-7704.

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