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Issues with Mid-Size Pickups in Low-Speed Swerve Test

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Mid-size pickup trucks are very popular vehicles among the oil, gas and mining industry for their excellent longetivity and workhorse abilities. However, their stability and roof strength are not top-of-the-line and in order to minimize injuries when vehicle with a high roll over potential is in your fleet, you should equip them wtih HALO

The potential for a vehicle to almost rollover while performing a sudden swerve has been a major safety concern. The swerve test is designed to simulate what a driver might do when taking an sudden evasive action. The vehicles are driven through a course of closely placed road cones forcing the driver to make sudden, sharp turns between 56-64kph (35-40mph).

This design feature concern is why we recommend equipping these types of vehicles with HALO™ ROPS to prevent occupant injuries in case of a rollover. The HALO™ prevents total collapse of the A and B pillar, ensuring the cabin's interior headspace and avoiding possible occupant injuries.

The safety of the company's workers should always be a top priority, and when these type of vehicles travel extensive distances at highway speeds, any sudden maneuver can cause severe accidents. Having the HALO™ on the vehicle ensures the safety of the occupants.

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