HALO™ Life-saving features:

  • Maintains the vehicle’s roll radius characteristic allowing the vehicle body to roll smoothly.

  • Distributes the roof loads across the roof surface allowing for smooth and even roof structure ground loading.

  • Minimizes roof intrusion and speed at the A and B Pillars which keeps the roof up and away from the occupants. 


Concept & Functionality

Named HALO™, the structure is a High Attenuation Load Offset device and when attached to a production vehicle roof, reduces the amount of crush and the speed of that same crush when the vehicle experiences a rollover crash to prevent catastrophic and fatal injuries to the occupants.

The HALO™ is designed to maximize the vehicle’s own geometry to minimize and evenly distribute the impact forces of a rollover event over the entire vehicle body structure preventing point loading in any one place.

We've Tested It!

Learn about our dynamic methods for the testing and development of the HALO.

Intellectual Property

Safety Engineering International has been granted USPTO Patent #7717492 for the
HALO Vehicle rollover protection roof geometry and structure.

United States Patent No. US 7,717,492 
Canada Patent No. CA 2735042

Mexico Copyright Registration No. 03-2016-120912494800-001
South Africa Patent No. 2011/02026  
Australia Patent No. PCT/US2009/054293
Singapore  Patent No. WO/2010/022141 
Brazil Patent No. PI 0912940-5

India Patent No. 326084

Korea Patent No. 10-1586519


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HALO ROPS Certified Installation
HALO ROPS Certified Installation
HALO ROPS Certified Installation
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